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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Driver Kill 16 Year Old Girl In A Rape Attempt. Died From...

What's is truly happening in our country?
This is another insane report that disturbs me alot, imagine a situation where a guy, raped a 16year old girl and she died probably from shock?

A Nigerian that goes by the name, Mr. Godwin Etute, aged 26 has been arrested in Lagos state for the raping and the killing of one Miss Tolu Gbadamosi, a 16-year old teenager, while trying to rape her in a private school bus.

It's said that Godwin Etute is a school Driver.
When Godwin Etute perceived that the girl is no longer breathing, Godwin Etute dumped Tolu by the road side and fled.

Reported yesterday, Godwin Etute has been arrested and apprehended by Nigeria police patrol team in Alimosho area of Lagos state following a sure statement from an Informat who saw him,(Godwin) dropped the girl by the road side, when he saw that she's dead.

When HotNigeriaZone Recieved this news, more Searchs Shows that both Tolu who's sixteen year old and Godwin worked for a private school located in Egbe, Alimosho Lagos.

Godwin Etute is a school bus driver while Tolu was employed as the auxiliary teacher to assist the driver to take the pupil to their home and also bring them to school on a daily basics.
Shedding more light on this problem, reliable source told hotnigeriazone that the problem started when the driver Godwin Etute start pressuring Tolu about his love and desire to sleep with her. Of which Tolu response was No.
Tolu also say to him that she will never sleep with a man until she is married.

A Reliable eyewitness Told HotNigeriaZone that,
while only two of them were in the bus as they set out to pick the pupils, Rapist And Killer, Godwin Etute pretendly parked the bus by the roadside and then tried to force sixteen year old Tolu to have sex with the him inside the school bus.
But when she tried to refused having sex with him, he grabbed her and tore her underwear, but Tolu Kept on resisting him.
Out of sheer anger, Etute started beating her, and within seconds, Godwin Etute brought out a screw driver and stabbed Tolu, which results in her untimely death.
She collapsed and died inside the school bus.
Parents please, Know Who and where your Child works.

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