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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dead man corpse went missing, found again in an unknown hospital.

Funny cracks, but that's the truth, it's really kind of strange, looking at this case, i wondered myself, there are two options here.
1. Either this dead man enemies took his corpse for some unknow reasons, or
2. This man had to visit some . . . . . . .
Please, i didn't say anything oh.

The corpse of an 85-year-old-man that somehow got missing from the family house at Behenase near Asante Bekwai in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, has been found in a hospital morgue, where no one claims to have put it or done anything.
The remains of Opanin Kwaku Gyau got missing from a room where it was kept and prepared to be laid in state.

The location of the body could end days of apprehension amongst residents of the Ashanti region, who believed and feared that a bad omen could befall the community if the missing corpse was not found.
A police source at Bekwai told HotNigeriaZone that contrary to reports that the body had been secretly buried, it had been located in a morgue in an undisclosed hospital.

The incident had been traced to a chieftaincy dispute that pitched opposing groups in the deceased’s family.

According to the police source, three people suspected to have played a role in the missing body puzzled are now arrested but had been granted bail pending the conclusion of investigations.

They are
Baffour Gyau, age 55.
Akwasi Nkrumah, age 65.
Madam Bebo, age 70.
On January 13, 2012

the body of Opanin Gyau who died in December 2011 was brought from the mortuary to the family house at Behenase to be prepared for the traditional lying in state burial ceremony, which after that, the burial and final funeral rites will be performed.

The deceased body was kept in the room where it was to be laid in state for public viewing. Were as, it's also in the same room, that the coffin that was to be used for the burial was also been kept.
Since there was no wake-keeping, family members went to sleep, awaiting dawn to open up the body for viewing.
At about 3 a.m. on Saturday January 14, mourners started trooping to the house for the funeral. But the most greatest surprise of the mourners, was when the room where the body was kept was opened at about 4 a.m, it was nowhere to be found.
The scene was one of shock, as mourners could not believe what they were witnessing.
A report was made to the police who instituted investigations into the matter.
Later police had information that the body was sent back to the mortuary and upon further investigations, the three
suspects were arrested and are apprehend in Cell.