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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bomb blast Rocks Christ Embassy Church in Niger State, Nigeria.

today, which is the 19th february 2012, there is a bomb blast in Niger state, and the main target is the church that pastor chris oyakilome presides, the CHRIST EMBASSY church in Niger state, Nigeria.

It was really sad hearing that today, while people gathered to revered the Almighty God, some people has the audacity to bomb a church that God himself was there spiritually!.

Is this the final straw that will break the camel back?
Because God is watching and Waiting!.

According to News reaching us from our Reliable source, the bomb that rocks Eminence Hotel went off heavily, While the casualty level of the injured ones couldn't be ascertained as at time of writing out this report, The Niger state police force that was detached to this area confirmed one person injured.

The Bomb went off at Eminence Hotel, Morocco Road at the centre of suleja town while a sunday service was ongoing.
The hotel houses a branch of Christ Embassy Church, that were serving and worshiping God when the bomb went off.
It was gathered that the hotel had few guests when the bomb went off but no fewer than ten cars were destroyed by the blast as the combined team of police and soldiers observing the state of emergence in the area swung into action to control the situation before it mutate into a Mob.

The police public relation officer in Niger state command confirmed that the police Divisional Police officer in Suleja had just informed them about the bomb blast but said only one person was injured, but the casualties count isn't confirmed yet.
more news about this recent bomb blast to come your way soon.
Let's keep a date!.

Sharing this latest bomb blasts news with my close associates, it's said that there's no trace of the Bomber and that fingers should not be point at the Sect Boko Haram, but if we ask ourself, who has been responsible for several bomb blasts in Nigeria?
Why are this set hiding their identity?
why is it that people wouldn't point an accusing finger at the Boko Haram group?
Who were responsible for the Madalla bomb blast in same Niger state on the 25th December 2011?
Several questions that runs through my head right now, but for now, i'll take my hands off the keyboard.
Can you share your views?


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