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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Nigeria War Zone As Asari Dokubo(leader Of MILITANTS) wedges War Against Boko Harams.

What do you expect me to say?
That this is really getting More funny or Serious?
Sorry,but right now,i'm loss for words, imagine When Former Militant Leader, Asari Dokubo says He's ready For The Terrorist Group, Boko Harams.
This is giving Me the goose balls heat i really don't find funny at all.
When being Interview,Asari Dokubo Said that WAR isn't Far away If the Terrorist group don't stop.
read Carefully,this is for the strong hearted.

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once terroristing Group In Nigeria,Militant leader,
Dokubo Asari Says that time for civil talks had passed and that him and his formidable and unbeatable giant Group,The MILITANTS are now Ready For WAR.
Former leader of Niger Delta People’s Volunteer Force, Mujahid DOKUBO -ASARI has warned that the Retired but not Tired Niger Delta fighters are ready to take up arms to fight Boko Haram Islamists, and are holding back only out of respect for the president,
President Goodluck Ebere Jonathan.
DOKUBO -ASARI , a Muslim who led a rebellion in the Delta region until a peace deal with the government in 2004, said bomb attacks by Boko Haram could provoke retaliation by mostly Christian Southerners, including those living in the Niger delta.
When Asked if Northerners could be in the south, he replied: “It is seconds away,as The block ticks by, Nigeria is on the precipice of a civil war.”
For Niger Delta, people to take up arms isjust a minute away. Its just (he forgot to add "president")Goodluck that is holding us back,” said Asari. “We have all reached the extreme.
There is nothing anybody can do about it except we now stand and fight.
It would be recalled that the Asari-led Niger Delta People’s Volunteer Force, managed to push oil prices to record highs in 2004 with its constant attacks and threats against oil production in the Delta’s swampy creeks.
Since then, peace deals with the Niger Delta warlords have pacified the Delta, and BokoHaram in the North has become the number one threat to Nigeria’s security, which Asari Dokubo group (Nigeria Delta Militants) have just left alone.
Asari,with An ipad, paused to read some Facebook posts from his sophisticated iPad about the Christmas Day bombs.he truly seems dangerous as He reads people's Post.
Asari said, he was not sure that the government could negotiate with moderate members of Boko Haram through the “back channels” as National Security Adviser,
General Owoye Andrew Azazi suggested in an interview with Reuters.
Sitting in his flat in the city of Port Harcourt, Asari said the group’s faceless nature, an issue General Azazi acknowledged, made talks impossible.
“If you cannot identify the people who are carrying out these attacks, how can you dialogue with them, interact with them, and bring them round the table for peace negotiation?” He asked wisely.
In any case, such extreme violence meant the time for talks had passed and it's time for taking up the ARM, he said.
“You cannot ask government to negotiate now On what basis? The federal government should rein these people in, or the people will surely resort to self-help,” Asari added, Asari Dokubo who did stressed where his loyalties lay despite being a Muslim: “Anybody that wants to start any revolution in Goodluck’s time, we the Ijaw will pull down that group or revolution,No matter what it takes!,” he said.

Truly,my heart is beating Five times against it's Normal ratio.
Anything that includes the MILITANT INCLUDES GUNS,i mean hearts,risks,call it whatever.
But Surely,Nigeria Is truly On a tiny thread of War.
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