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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Nigeria Nollywood News: Actress Chika Ike Beats Death,Survives Car Accident Unhurt!.

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It's of no doubt any longer that the Almighty Lord is On actress Chika ike Side as she survive One big accident that would have...done what?
Had it Not been for God,Chika ike would have been lying critically at the Hospital Now in some Bad condition.
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It's Not big Deal That she will be giving Her thanksgiving Testimony very Soon,Probably this Sunday,Because
ACTRESS chika ike Just Escape Death Narrowly Without A scratch.
i'm also Thanking God For Her Too,because I'm also One of her Fans too.

HNZHotNigeriaZone.blogspot.com Source gathered that This beautiful Actress,Chika ike was coming back from a penultimate week show when this incident occurred.
Quoting her Word
“The actress was coming from a location along Abuja express road in her new 2010 model Honda CRV with her driver when her driver suddenly lost control and rammed the new car into a building; thereby causing serious damage to the car that looks unrepairable.
Actress Chika ike Who just Opened A multi-million Fashion center called Fancy Nancy is Seriously on Her Knees thanking God For his Goodness towards her.
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