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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Nigeria Music News: Music sensational player,Wizkid Now A Father!.

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Well,yes,it's WIZKID again,but this time,it's just another fresh Problem,as He's now Called Wizman,Not Wizkid again!.
The latest gist going on in the entertainment industry right now,is that EME Record label star act
Ayo Balogun AKA Wizkid,has changed his name and now wishes to be addressed as Wizman.
You may ask,is this true?
Yes,HotNigeriaZone sources all over the entertainment sector can beat their chest and stand out to be counted as folk asserting the 20 year old Lead School dropout lately turned into a dad by way of merit of his secret affair with a certain undergraduate student.
Which meaning that the change of his stage name from Wizkid to Wizman isn't for fun.
Don't think this story is a rumour because most radio stations have gone on air with the data now. It's spreading like wild uncontrollable fire and spreading really fast in the music biz.
But away from that denials from Ayo Balogun aka Wizman has continued since the item became public data as he has declined to admit that he fathered a kid from one of the profuse women,probably called 'Wizkid Bonkers' that throw themselves at him freely and stylishly.