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Sunday, October 30, 2011

A boy murder his mother for what? Latest Nigeria news.

A killer of a son.how a son kill his mother.

The busy town of lagos was throwed into commotion of late,when a 28-year old man, Segun Bakare was charged to
Ijeshatedo Magistrate’s court, Lagos State, southwest
Nigeria for killing his mother, Mrs. Kudirat Bakare.
This headline looks kind of a fabricated lie,but the truth lies in almost all the eyes witness on that day,that this man,Mister Segun was alleged to have used a rope and strangled his mother,that goes by the name of Kudirat,while she was asleep.
While Kudirat was struggling to save her life, Segun
ensured that she died by using a broken bottle to stab
her.this looks unbelievable,but that's the truth being laid bare for all eyes.
The incident happened at 3, Musa Street, Mushin, Lagos,
in their family house.
The main issue and motives that led Segun to murder his own mother,Kudirat is still a mystery and isn't cleared to the public yet.
It was gathered by our reliable informant,that Segun
had a quarrel with the late Kudirat after which he left
their house.
Later, he returned while his mother was asleep and
reportedly tied her neck with a ropeand strangled her,
broke a bottle and stabbed her all over her body.
She bled profusely and died before she could be taken to
hospital. After that, Segun attempted to escape but he
was held by their neighbours who handed him to the
The police later charged him to court.
Part of the charge reads: “That you, Segun Bakare did kill
Mrs. Kudirat Bakare by stabbing her to death.”
The offence, according to the police,was contrary to
section 319 of the criminal code cap 38, vol. 2 laws of
Lagos state of Nigeria 2004.
When the matter came up at the court, the prosecutor,
Inspector Ezekiel Ayorinde, informed the court that the
nature of the crime was a capital offence and sought the permission of the court to seek the DPP’s advice.
Consequently, the presiding magistrate, Mrs. D. T.
Olalokun ordered that he should be remanded at Kirikiri Maximum Prison, Apapa, Lagos pending when the DPP’s advice would be ready.
The matter has been adjourned till next month and till further notice.
But what's still giving people the creeps is what is so wrong with this man to have the mind,guts to strangled his helpless mother,who carried him for good nine months plus labour hours?
Many a people are happy that he's being sent to kirikiri prison,as that is where is fit for him.
Lets adjourned our judgement hammer till further court hearing.
I leave my case to rest.