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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

UNTAMED CLOSET! Nollywood big boy,jim iyke set to release new clothing line called UNTAMED CLOSET!

jim iyke new designer plan
nigeria news.jim iyke
jim iyke new goals.
Set to create new designers called UNTAMED CLOSET

Hot nigeria actor,black handsome jim iyke is set to release another mind blowing goal.
According to my reliable source,
jim iyke has start putting final touch to his now popular but yet unpublish designers, called
untamed closet.
judging about his whereabout now,it's noted that since the beginning of this plan,jim iyke has been busy and hardly been seen.flying mainly to dubai and istanbul,where it's alleged that his production of this designers are taking place.
Jim iyke new designer outfits include

Here are a few picture of his production room.
actor jim iyke new release
jim iyke creative office.
Jim iyke goals are almost attainable and finished.jim iyke i pray untamed closet become a success.both nationally and international too.thanks.
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