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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mercy johnson traditional marriage pics and tips,attendees on the 26th of august 2011

Finally the first knob has been tied,star actress mercy johnson and her heart throb,prince okojie has finally been join the traditional way.
Yesterday,been the 26th of August 2011,mercy johnson was formally,legally married to her heart throb,prince okojie in her hometown kogi state Nigeria.
Hotnigeriazone gathered that the marriage was a splendor of wealth.every thing used was beautiful and the marriage was successful.
Due to our readers email,raising the question that can lovely okojie,the wife of prince okojie,mercy johnson legally married husband will be there?
Sorting for her through our secret reliable informer,it was found that she wasn't there,and that's truly expected of her!
No one knows of her flight or whereabout right now,but the main question still arise
will lovely okojie remain adamant or will she leave the love pair alone? one fact still remain,we're still alive and we'll see how the future events will unfold.
Well,reading series of people comment about this union,i think some people need to understand that there's still life!.
Some people has the guts to insult marriage couples because of what?
Well,i love been honest with myself,i really don't like it.
People should stop judging other peoples.
God himself has decided to leave man alone till the end of HIS DAYS BEFORE JUDGING HIM!
well,since this traditional marriage was successful,i've decided to
this couples a happy and blissful marriage life.
may the mercy of God continue to bind them together and may the Joy of the lord be their strength.
Let the will of God continue to manifest in their lifes.