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Saturday, August 13, 2011

mercy johnson marriage.latest news of Nigeria actress,mercy johnson marriage scandal.

If there's any happenings in Nigeria nollywood world right now,joining and completing the 3 top is the Mercy johnson marriage clash with lovely.
Our main topic today is all about MERCY JOHNSON
REcent news reaching the millions of nigerians and other foreign country is the marriage of one of Nigeria hottest actress,mercy johnson. the love web that hit hot and sexy Nollywood big girl, Mercy Johnson.
According to information making circulating in Nigeria is that, the actress’,mercy johnson
marriage plans is on the edge right now,it's about to collapse.this turn of events and plans are taking its course on her.
Incase you have suddenly forgotten,first of all, let’s remind you that the much talked about wedding of the actress to her hubby, Prince Odinaose Okojie , billed to take place on August 27, has been getting negative publicity of late, an incident which has portrayed the Kogi state born actress more as a husband snatcher.
This is ridiculous,mercy johnson a husband snatches?
Of all the bachelors in Nigeria and divorcee,she would be accused by her hubby wife,lovely of husband snatching,it's so alarming that it becomes the latest news in Nigeria.
In the heat of preparation for the celebrity white wedding, a woman better known as Lovely Okojie emerged from the blues, claiming tobe married with two kids to Prince Odianose Okojie , the man, Mercy Johnson is set to wed in a few weeks from now.
But there's a big delinma here,this woman,by name,lovely okojie,claim to be married to Sweet mercy johnson heart throb,and went as far as providing the marriage certificate for evidence of her marriage to prince odianose okojie.
The issue here is that the woman who claimed to have been legally married to Prince Odianose okojie ,Mercy johnson husband to be,in next few weeks, since 2006 wants the plans of the proposed union cancelled as soon as possible, call it a scene from one of her movies and you will not be wrong, but this is happening to her in reality.
However, amidst the sea of comments which have been flying around for and against the actress, is that she is being haunted by the shadows from her past and indeed any one who has been following the actress, career will easily be able to pin-point some toes on which she has stepped.
Up till today, many people are still accusing her of breaking up a fellow actress, Oge Okoye’s marriage. Apart from that, Mercy’s public humiliation of Patience Ozokwor , a senior colleague and a widow for that matter, is not unknown to a larger section of the entertainment loving public. She went as far as calling the lady a witch, though the later reconciled. And need one mention the story which made rounds some many months back that the young actress is a ritualist who uses her “Juju” to get movie roles and subdue the shine of other smaller actresses?
It is only hoped that fans of the actress will continue to pray for her in order to get out of this mess that she has found herself.
There are several rumors running around about this marriage.but the main question in the mind of nollywood lovers and Nigeria as a whole is this
will the marriage between Superstar and glamour actress,mercy johnson and prince odianose okojie holded as planned on the 27 August 2011
Nigerians are waiting for the turn of events and schedules,because this is one top flight that involves the Nigeria movie world.
Remain bless.